Tok Sen basic workshop

Tok Sen workshop – traditional tendon & fascia massage


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Tok Sen is a traditional Asian method of massaging muscles and tendons. It originates in northern Thailand around Chiang Mai (Lanna). It is approximately 5.000 years old but in this time never did really spread to other countries. In Thailand it is still practised in its traditional way today.

In Tok Sen healing vibrations are given into the body by using a wooden hammer & pestle. By gently hammering the pestle the resulting vibrations are dissolving stagnated energies in the muscles, tendons and meridians of our body. Tok Sen therapy helps to enhance the Qi flow and increases the blood circulation in the blood vessels and the capillaries. The tendons and muscles become more efficiently nourished and are able to release stagnated energies faster. It treats pain, stiffness, energy blockages, pure circulation, nerve problems and mental and emotional irritability. Working on the mental and emotional level it can resolve negative emotions and traumas. The vibrations are reaching also the deep inner muscles as well as the connecting tissues. It is used at almost every part of the body and the benefits are recognizable very soon. In general, Tok Sen is a very effective detoxing treatment for the whole body.

Vibrating the fascias of our body maintains their smoothness and make them increase their conductivity for Qi. This increases the way how all muscles, bones and organs are able to articulate their spatial relationship to each other. The muscles are not giving pressure to the bones, blood vessels, lymphatic strings and nerves and the body is able to bring nourishment to every level.

Tok Sen on the bodily level is used for:

  • Stiffness, numbness and pain in the whole back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Dissolving of hard knots in the muscles of the whole body.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Numbness and pain in the extremities, especially the fingers.
  • Detoxing effect.

Tok Sen at the emotional level is used for:

  • Balancing of the emotions.
  • Dissolving of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, anger, depression and excessive thinking.
  • Dissolving of actual or old traumas and panic attacks.

In this workshop we will learn how to dissolve stagnated energies at the whole body. We will learn how to vibrate along the neck, shoulder, back, lumbar, arms, hands, legs and feet for releasing stiffness from our muscles and tendons. To support the Qi-flow in the spine and sacrum we will learn how to vibrate the whole spine and the sacrum. We will vibrate on the chest and abdomen, the main area of working with emotions and at the knees for releasing emotional ballast stored there.

Tok Sen is a massage system on its own but can compliment very good other treatments. The practice will be done hands-on with a partner. We will discuss about the Qi flow we intend to influence. There will be handouts with all necessary informations how to treat different symptoms. The hammer and pestle will be provided for every participant during the workshop. After the workshop it is possible to order a hand crafted Tok Sen set of one hammer and two different standard pestles.

I learned Tok Sen with Master Mantak Chia in 2013 and give Tok Sen treatments since then on a regular basis. In my treatment work I combine Tok Sen with Classical Chinese Acupuncture, cupping and phytembryotherapy.


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