The healing potential of buds     suomi

Phytembryotherapy influences our organism in three levels: physical, metabolical (blood) and mental level. Various trees, bushes and shrubs have different healing powers which are often related to the social character of the plant in question.

For example, White Birch is a pioneer tree which loves light and is able to clean and transform acid soils. Its healing qualities in phytembryotherapy include its capacity to reduce acidity and heal joints in the physical level, lower cholesterol in the metabolical level and help us find the light and new beginnings in the mental level.

Phytembryotherapy is recommended for ongoing symptoms like chronic inflammation, insomnia, auto-immune diseases, skin problems, hormonal imbalances or digestive symptoms. It can help to reduce stress-related issues, heal psychosomatic problems and prevent premature ageing. It can support women through menopause. The extracts of buds can have a positive effect on the articular system, respiration, metabolic and digestive system, immunity, blood circulation, hormones and nervous system. The type and amount of bud drops depends on each person’s case and is decided by the therapist at the end of the consultation.

Phytembryotherapy is a healing method in itself but also communicates well with acupuncture treatments. The trees can be seen as messengers between heaven and earth. They support us to become fully human and have a connection to the earth and the cosmos. Trees have a great capacity to clean negative energy coming from humans. In daoism there are practises for cleaning your energy by circulating the chi between you and the tree. Macerate concentrate is made of: Fresh buds, water, alcohol and glycerin are mixed together in equal amounts. The maceration is kept in motion for 20 days after which it is filtrated and extracted by gentle pressure.