massage & tok sen


Massage, Tok Sen and cupping increase the flow of Qi in muscles, tendons, fascia and bones which makes these layers feeling more alive. Our body has regions which tend to collect tension and acid. We might carry these accumulations of tension for years without really noticing them. Or, we can perceive them as general feeling of discomfort. Massage, Tok Sen and cupping can have a strong detoxifying effect as the tensions begin to release.

Massage by Heini

My background as dancer has given me practical knowledge about the structure of the body. The practise of bodywork and massage has always been part of what I do. I combine meridian massage, acupressure, reflexology and diaphragm massage according to the individual needs of the patient. A massage treatment can help to relieve back pain, headache, stiff legs, tensed shoulders, chest or neck. It can help you to find a deeper and more relaxed breathing. You can also come to a massage for wellness and harmony.

Tok Sen & cupping by Jörg

Tok Sen is a traditional massage system from northern Thailand and ca. 3000 – 5000 years old. In Tok Sen healing vibrations are given into the body by using a wooden hammer & pestle. By gentle hitting the pestle the resulting vibrations are dissolving stagnated energies in our muscles, tendons or the meridians of our body. Tok Sen has a very relaxing and calming effect, the treatment is most often painless and the benefits are recognizable very soon. Tok Sen can treat symptoms like stiffness, pain, hard knots or dizziness and reduces toxic elements. Emotionally, Tok Sen has a very balancing and harmonizing effect. Emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, anger or depression can be treated. It also can heal actual or old traumas or panic attacks.

Cupping is an ancient treatment method which applies a local suction to the skin. This suction is created with ball like glasses and stirs the blood and Qi flow. By this it warms the body and has a strong cleansing and detoxing effect. It reduces swelling, stiffness and pain and clears the body of dampness. Fire cupping is very effective for cellulite. Like massage & Tok Sen, cupping is very relaxing and calming.