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Prices of treatments     suomi

Acupuncture, 60-75min:     45€ / 35€, reduced price for people with low income

5 times treatment sequence, each 60-75min:     210€, payment in advance

When acupuncture is combined with Phytembryotherapy, massage or Tok Sen the price stays the same.

Phytembryotherapy 60min:     35€

Massage 90min:     45€

Tok Sen 45min:     35

Tok Sen 25min – for painful and stiffened muscles like sports injury:     25€

Individual session (yoga, breathing, voice or other body-related coaching):    45€

Payment in cash or bank transfer.

Languages: Finnish, English, German.


Address / Contact

Heini Nukari / Jörg Fahlenkamp

Lautamiehenpolku 8A

00690 Helsinki

Jörg: / +358 44 2309137

Heini: / +358 44 2316455


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