about us

Heini Nukari     suomi

I have studied Classical Chinese Acupuncture since 2014. My teacher has been Lars Jehle and I have done clinical practise in France at the clinic of Pierre Le Compte. I have practised meridian stretching and yoga since 20 years.

I’m also dance-voice artist, performer and body-oriented voice teacher. My long experience with movement and voice has given me a deep insight into the potential and intelligence of the human body. I understand healing, art and respectful connection to nature to be equally important for a balanced life. I see the role of an acupuncturist as someone who supports the patient’s original nature, energy and constitution by helping the patient to embrace balance and harmony in her/his being.

Contact: heini@body-is-voice.com

Jörg Fahlenkamp

In 2011 I decided to explore new perspectives in my life. After working for 20 years as a product designer I began a life changing journey into the native wisdom, Daoism and Classical Chinese Acupuncture. In 2014 I started studying Classical Chinese Acupuncture with Lars Jehle. Additional clinical practise I learned from Pierre Le Compte in france. I still continue studying Daoism as well as Classical Chinese Acupuncture. I practise meridian stretching and authentic movement since many years and developed a deep understanding about our physical and energetical body.

My approach to health is based on a holistic philosophy. The world we are living in and how we relate to it influences our physical, mental and emotional being. Being content in oneself and comfortable in the environment is the foundation for our health.

Contact: joerg@fahlenkamp.eu